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Grown and Flown

First Performance

May 2022


Voice, Violin or Cello, Piano


3 minutes

Program Notes

Grown and Flown, by Christina Rossetti, goes through the phases of losing love. The speaker reflects on the times that she had love, and how her heart cannot handle all of the feelings that it has now that her love is gone. She then wonders if she will ever be able to love again, but in the end she only has room left for bitterness. 

Jaclyn Breeze, 2022

Song by Christina Rossetti

I loved my love from green of Spring

Until sere Autum's fall;

But now that leaves are withering

How should one love at all?

One heart's too small

For hunger, cold, love, everything.

I loved my love on sunny days

Until late Summer's wane;

But now that frost begins to glaze, 

How should one love again? 

Nay, love and pain

Walk wide apart in diverse ways.

I loved my love - alas to see

That this should be, alas!

I thought that this could scarcely be, 

Yet it has come to pass:

Sweet sweet love was, 

Now bitter bitter grown to me.



     Score and part $10

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