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Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was young, and as a believer that music can be learned no matter what age you are, I would be happy to help you find your musical voice!


Lessons are available in-person (depending on location) or virtually and come in packages of 5, or single lessons. The package of 5 can be used however you'd like - it doesn't have to be once a week!

Individual or group lessons are available.

Individual Rates (for 5 lessons):

60-minute lesson $250

45-minute lesson $200

30-minute lesson $150


I picked up the flute as a fourth-grader, like many people, and had decided by high school that music was something I really wanted to pursue full-time. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in flute performance with a jazz minor from Roberts Wesleyan College. I continued to take flute lessons at Syracuse University, where I was part of several large and small ensembles and also performed a solo recital. I have experience with flutists of all ages and am dedicated to making sure that my students have the proper technique from the beginning so they can be successful as they move further. I also make sure there is a good mix of technical, educational, and student-picked music to keep students motivated and happy with what they're working on!


I started composing in high school and began taking lessons shortly after. Since then I have been featured at numerous festivals, won competitions, and had several commissions from students, professionals, and larger organizations. I recently completed my Master’s Degree in Composition at Syracuse University. I would be happy to work with students who are looking to find their compositional voice!

Music Theory: 

Theory is an essential part of being a musician and pre-college theory is a great jump-start for college placement exams. I earned my Certificate of University Teaching at Syracuse University, with a concentration in music theory. I have experience teaching diatonic and chromatic harmony, as well as tutoring for aural skills. 

Group Rates (for 5 lessons):

60-minute session $175 per student

Flute: Group lessons for flute can include learning the basics with friends or playing chamber music! Students can choose their own groups or be placed with an existing group.

Composition: Composition is often a solitary art, but it doesn't have to be! Composition group lessons are a great way to learn from peers and get feedback from more than one voice. It can also be a place to meet new performers that will play your music! Students can choose their own groups or be placed with an existing group. 

Music Theory: Theory is often best learned with others! Group lessons will include all the same topics as individual lessons, but group work is helpful for solidifying new ideas and learning from each other's mistakes. Theory lessons are a great way to review or learn the topics that will be on college placement exams. Students can choose their own groups or be placed with an existing group. 

Individual Rates (for 1 lesson):

60-minute lesson $60

45-minute lesson $45

30-minute lesson $30

Single lessons are not guaranteed a spot, and might not always be at the same time.

Flexible options are available. Please call or email me for more information or if you have any questions!

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