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Runny Babbit

Commissioned By

Reyers Brusoe

First Performance

April 2019


Narrator and Piano


Narrator Chamber Orchestra


7 minutes

Program Notes

View program notes written by Reyers Brusoe here! 


Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein 

I. Runny Babbit

II. The Funny Bamily

III. Runny Mets Guddy

IV. Kugs and Hisses

V. His Kajesty the Ming

VI. Runny's Jig Bump

VII. Runny and Dungry

VIII. Killy the Bid

IX. Runny Hets Gandsome

X. Runny Cooks for Linderella

XI. Runny's Rig Bomance

XII. Runny Loes to Grunch

XIII. Runny's Heading Rabits

XIV. Runny's Hind Keart

XV. Runny and the Pig Barade



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The score is not available for preview due to copyrighted text.

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