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First Performance

November 2022


Two Saxophones


6 minutes

Program Notes

Each movement of this piece is put together with a typical theoretical technique, which is not how I usually write my pieces, but it gave me enough structure to write outside of my usual comfort zone.
The first movement uses the whole tone scale as its basis.
The second uses a series of notes, found in the second player's part in the first 8 measures that will continue to come back, each time a little more rhythmically filled out, and sometimes transposed.
The third was written with more of a shape in mind, where I wanted the beginning idea to bookend the movement, with a middle that steadily increased in energy but still had the beginning idea both hidden and occasionally interrupting.
The fourth is based on an AABA’ form, the repeated A section, then B having some more space, modulating, and blending ideas, until an A’ comes back in the original key to finish it.
The fifth uses an ostinato, first found in the second part but moves between the two and gets inverted and some ornamentation as the piece goes.

Jaclyn Breeze, 2022



     Score $15

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