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Where the Wind Blows

Commissioned By

Laura Lentz

First Performance

April 2021


Solo Flute


3 minutes to 5 Minutes

Program Notes

I have been in love with reading since I was very young. When I discovered a new “Choose Your Own Adventure” book I would stay in my room captivated for days. My former band teacher pointed me toward Laura Lentz when she was looking for composers for her “Nature Pieces” collection. This project gave me the perfect theme for this branching narrative piece that had been building in my mind for a while. 

    This piece is designed to take the player and listener through a whole day of what the wind would see as it moved along, with the player being able to decide what kind of day it will be. As a piece that reminds me so much of my childhood, much of it has the fun, bouncy feelings that come with being a kid. However, on some of the paths are the feelings that are mixed in with getting older as well: stormy, unsettled, or joyful times. Many of the movements also contain sub pieces that the performer can choose to give a longer narrative within the given subject. 

Jaclyn Breeze, 2021


Available in the Nature Pieces for Solo Flute Collection, put together by Laura Lentz for a suggested donation of $12.


Or separate from the collection:


     Score $10

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