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Why have a new piece written?

Anyone, musician or not, can commission a piece for any number of reasons!


Performers might want a piece that will show off their best qualities as a player, their musical style, or feature an auxiliary instrument that may not have a lot of repertoire.


Directors and conductors might commission a piece for a group that has an unusual instrumentation, or to commemorate a particularly important performance they have coming up. 


Listeners might commission a piece for a group they want to support, to celebrate a personal event such as an anniversary, for a memorial, or because they'd like to be more involved in music!

What is the process?

Let me know that you’d like to collaborate! Email me with what instrumentation you’re working with, a text if needed, a general duration, when you need the piece, and any ideas you have!  We will discuss the finer details of the piece such as mood, style, if you want it to serve a certain purpose on your program, any special techniques you’d like, etc.


During the writing process, I will send you a draft towards the beginning to make sure I am on the right track of what you’re looking for. Depending on the type/length of the piece, you will continue to get drafts as I work. When you receive these drafts, please let me know what you think so that your piece can be just right for you!


After you've received the score, I am still available to make corrections if something isn’t working, so please feel free to reach out! I am also happy to post online, if you’d like, about the events where you will be performing the piece.

In return, I ask that you please send me a picture or scan of any recital/concert programs!



I love working with text! Whether as a basis for an instrumental piece or to be included in a vocal piece, please feel free to let me know if you have a text. Generally, the text that is easiest to use legally is either original, in the public domain (check here!), or by a living poet that we could contact to ask for permission to use the text. If the text does not fall into one of these categories, we will talk about it on an individual basis.

What is included?

- One digital copy of the score and parts (PDF) and if you would like a hard copy, that will be included as well!

- Two rehearsals up to 60 minutes, in person or online depending on location.

- Reasonable adjustments and corrections.

Payment Plans:

Prices are based on instrumentation, duration, and level (beginner, intermediate, professional). Please email me to get a quote! I generally ask for 50% of the commission fee upfront, and the rest will be due upon the delivery of the score. However, I am happy to be flexible - let me know what you need and we will find a plan that works for you!

Student Special: Students can get a piece up to three minutes long at the following prices:

Solo: $150

Duo (including solo+piano): $200


If you have any questions about commissioning or are ready to start, please email me. I’d love to chat :) 

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