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Solo Flute Consortium
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Composer and performer Paul Berlinsky creates music that explores the intangible space between tone and noise, as well as the emotional impact of layering these elements. His music has been performed by ensembles including JACK Quartet, duo per se, Hub New Music, and Transient Canvas.


His work will be based on The Pied Piper.

Missouri native, composer, and musicologist Dustin Dunn draws largely from his roots for his music. He aims to musically capture his connections to the natural world, the lived experiences of the working class, and Americana in part and whole. His music often investigates the beauty of the mundane and the metaphors and rituals that guide our lives.

His work will be based on Jack and the Beanstalk.


Jaclyn Breeze is a composer and flutist who works to create pieces and programs that will foster community between performers and audience members. Her works have been performed at festivals including the Women Composers Festival of Hartford, SongFest, Vision of Sound, Brass USA, and on Classic FM.

Her work will be based on Little Red Riding Hood


Professional: $75

Student: $35

All commissioners will receive a PDF copy of all three pieces bundled together following their premiere in August 2024, will have exclusive performing rights for one year, and will have their names printed in the cover.

About the Project:

These pieces are being written for Jaclyn's upcoming concert series for children titled Toadstool Tales. Each of these stories will be read aloud and the pieces played at venues such as libraries and community centers. These free concerts will bring a multimodal engagement to the arts that is modern and family-friendly. Please reach out if you'd like to schedule a concert!

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What is a consortium?

A consortium is when individuals or ensembles chip in to help a composer reach a commissioning fee. 

Who is it for?

Anyone! Like a commission, anyone can choose to participate for any reason - because you're interested in the topic, want to have a new piece to play, or to support the arts!

For this project, that could be individual flutists, studio teachers, or those who want to support the composers. 

What are the benefits?

Benefits include: Commissioning a new work for a fraction of the cost, having exclusive performing rights (so you'll be one of the first people to perform the piece!), and supporting the creation of new work for the instrument.

Still have questions?

Paul, Dustin, and Jaclyn are excited about this project and want you to be excited too! Please reach out to any of us with questions.

Ready to join? Fill out this Google form 

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